Anything but Ordinary

It’s National Siblings Day so I guess this is the perfect day to talk about my sister.

Olivia Anne came into this world special. That word will hold different meanings as this story goes on. To 4 1/2 year old me all I remember was waiting at the hospital at the end of a long line of family and friends and my daddy walking down the line with the blanket over Olivia’s face until he got to me. Other than mom, dad, and the medical team that helped bring her into the world I was the FIRST person to get to see her! I would love to say I remember every single moment after that point, but all I remember is I was a proud big sister! At the time I didn’t know there was anything “wrong” with her and it would be years before I would be made aware of this by foolish people who didn’t know how special she really is!

I love love love to talk about Olivia. This blog will be one of many I’m sure, because I mean she has been part of all but 4 1/2 years of my life! One of the first things people ask about her is what is her “diagnosis?” The simple answer is that she doesn’t have one. As she has gotten older she really shows all the classic signs of being on the Autism Spectrum, but from a young age her neurologist just diagnosed her with “Olivia’s Syndrome.”

My mom will tell you that I missed out on a lot of things growing up because her and dad were very occupied with caring for Olivia. While this is true it’s not like I had a horrible life because of it. I grew up faster than your average kid, but I wasn’t very fond of kids anyway so win for me LOL! We have seen the world together, stood on top of the Eiffel Tower together (Paris is her favorite), been through surgeries, bringing two babies into the world (she is the BEST Aunt), laughing…oh the amount of laughing, crying, missing people we love, watched hundreds of movies and quoted all the lines too, and concerts! Our concert list would make your head spin! I could go on and on about the things we have done in the last 25 years and you better believe I will in blogs to come!

So as I sit here I am reminded of all the reasons I am so thankful that I didn’t let my demons take hold of me for good. I have so much to live for. WE have so much to live for. We just have to take the time to stop and notice the things that make our lives so special no matter how horrible they get sometimes.

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