So I love to think that I am super witty every once in a while. I definitely don’t have wit like my husband or my dad, but every now and then I think to myself “what a fabulous idea Mattie.”

Music has always been my outlet for as long as I can remember. I know so many people can identify with this. Music helps us escape, feel, not feel, amps us up or calms us down. So here is my witty moment. Each of my blog posts and pages are song titles that I have in my vast library in iTunes. (Insert chuckle as I feel accomplished for the day)

So let’s “Breakdown” the timeline I want to cover in this lovely autobiography that I am trying to create. This isn’t necessarily in any particular order because my brain just doesn’t work that way. 

Self Harm Awareness– This is a subject that I am not very open about and while it is a very important part of my story I know it will take some time to really delve into.

BullyingWe all go through it. How can we change it?

Depression– How can you help yourself? How can you help others?

Growing up with a mentally challenged sibling– This definitely isn’t a “problem.” I firmly believe this was one of God’s ways of making sure I made it this far! I mean how lucky am I to have someone who loves me unconditionally no matter what!

Self ImageAgain this is something everyone struggles with in some way or another.

Abusive Relationships and how to identify if you are in one!– This one is pretty self-explanatory.

Ok…I think that is it for tonight! 




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