Welcome to my Life

Hi. My name is Mattie and I have decided to start a blog and I pretty much have no idea what I am doing. I mean it is pretty simple. Have a thought and write it down right? So if you are out there and you don’t know me I guess this is the part where I introduce myself.

I am a 29 (almost 30) year old wife and mother of 2. My husband, Jeremy, and I have been married for 7 years. My daughter Ryann is 5 and my son Jude is 2. I also have 2 fur babies. Noir is my crazy, slightly obese Schnauzer and Murphy is my hyper Wire Hair Fox Terrier.

I have been a Cosmetologist for 10 years, but as I approach the age of 30 I am definitely entering into a new phase of life. I love my job and it has encouraged me to explore a world motivation and mentoring. I was diagnosed clinically depressed when I was 13 years old. As life has passed me by I have had many ups and downs, discoveries, heartaches, and moments of pure joy. I am just like every other human on this planet, but I may handle things differently than others. As these posts go on I will delve into more intense subjects. Subjects that I don’t want to hide anymore. I am tired of having to hide parts of me that make me…me!

I don’t want this first post to be a novel, because let’s be honest…isn’t that what a blog is for? I have a plan for this blog, but who knows if I will actually follow it. The plan is to share glimpses of my past as well as current happenings because my husband and children are pretty hilarious!

If you are interested in following along with me on my journey I would like to personally invite you along for the ride! My journey could have ended many years ago, but I had the option to keep going and I did. I am here to help others keep their stories going. My semicolon tattoo is to help remind me to never give up!

So welcome to my life. It has and will continue to be a doozy!


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